Comparison of 16S rRNA gene librariesa

Source (reference)Homologous library (X)P value of ΔCxy heterologous library (Y)
Scottish soilWisconsin soil
Scottish soil (20)SAF0.014<0.001<0.001
Wisconsin soil (18)1997<0.001<0.001<0.001
  • a Libraries were constructed from unimproved (SAF, n = 138 sequences) and improved (SL, n = 137) Scottish soils and libraries constructed using soils collected in 1997 (n = 139) and 2000 (n = 129) from a Wisconsin agricultural soil. Comparisons were made using the integral form of the Cramér-von Mises statistic as implemented in ∫-LIBSHUFF with 10,000 randomizations and an upper integration bound of infinity. The margin of error for the P value's 95% confidence interval for the P values near 0.05 was 0.004.