Type strains of Mesorhizobium spp., Rhizobium spp., Sinorhizobium spp., and Caulobacter crescentus, showing the GenBank records of sequences used in analyses

ICMP no.aSpeciesGenBank accession no.b
16S rDNAatpDglnIIcrecA
15022T M. amorphae AF041442 AY493453AY494807*AY494816
14587T M. chacoense AJ278249 AY493460AY494791AY494825
13641T M. ciceri U07934 AJ294395 AF169580 AJ294367
11069T M. huakuii D12797 AJ294394 AF169588 AJ294370
4682T M. loti X67229 AJ294393 AF169581 AJ294371
13644T M. mediterraneum L38825 AJ294391 AF169578 AJ294369
13640T M. plurifarium Y14158 X*AY494794AY494824
13645T M. tianshanense AF041447 AJ294392 AF169579 AJ294368
13642T R. etli U28916 AJ294404 AF169585 AJ294375
13689T R. leguminosarum U29386 AJ294405 AF169586 AJ294376
13646T R. tropici U89832 AJ294397 AF169584 AJ294373
11139T S. fredii D01272 AJ294402 AF169571 AJ294379
12623T S. meliloti X67222 AJ294400 AF169593 AJ294382
13648T S. saheli X68390 AJ294399 AF169589 AJ294380
13638T B. elkanii U35000 AY493446AY494804X
2864T B. japonicum U69638 AJ294388 AF169582 X
13639T B. liaoningense AB029402 AY493450AY494803AY494833
B. yuanmingense AF193818
C. crescentus AJ227757 AE006004 AE005786
  • a Type strain indicated by T; —, strain not present in the ICMP.

  • b Italicized sequences were obtained from GenBank. It was not always possible to obtain both sequences for glnII. *, relative position of the missing section; X, PCR amplification failed; —, sequence data not available.