Results of ARISA of seven reference strains belonging to different bacterial groups performed with the three tested primer sets

StrainPhylogenetic groupResult with primer seta
ITSF/ITSReubS-D-Bact-1522-b-S-20/ L-D-Bact-132-a-A-181406F/23Sr
A. undicula USDA 4903α-Proteobacteria+++++
R. leguminosarum USDA 2370α-Proteobacteria+++
S. meliloti USDA 1002α-Proteobacteria+++
E. coli DSMZ 50902γ-Proteobacteria++++++
P. stutzeri 1015γ-Proteobacteria++++
B. cereus DSMZ 31TGram positive, low G + C++++++
S. bovis JM 300Gram positive, low G + C++++++
S. coelicolor M145Gram positive, high G + C+++++
  • a ++, peak height between 1,000 and 7,000 fluorescence units; +, peak height lower than 1,000 fluorescence units; −, no peak detected.