Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidDescriptionReference or source
E. coli
    SM10Mobilizing strain; RP4 tra genes; Kmr35
    TOP10Used for cloning and blue-white screeningInvitrogen
    S17-1thi pro hsdR recA; chromosomal RP4; Tra+; Smr Spr35
A. tumefaciens bioreporter strain A136Lacks the Ti plasmid13
B. thailandensis
    DW503Derived from E264; Δ(amrR-oprA)(Kms Gms Sms); rpsL (Smr)4
    RU01DW503 containing pBHR1; KmrThis study
    RU02DW503 containing pBA01; KmrThis study
    RU03DW503 containing pME6000; TcrThis study
    RU04DW503 containing pME6863; TcrThis study
    BTRJ1DW503 derivative; 11::pRU11; Gmr38
    BTRJ3DW503 derivative; 13::pRU13; Gmr38
    BTRJ6DW503 derivative; R3::pRUR3; Gmr38
    pPCR2.1-TOPOTA cloning vector; Kmr AprInvitrogen
    pBHR1Mobilizable broad-host-range vector; Kmr CmrMoBiTee
    pME6000Broad-host-range cloning vector; Tcr30
    pME6863pME6000 carrying the aiiA gene from B. cereus strain A24; Tcr30
    pBA01pBHR1 containing the B. anthracis (Ames strain) aiiA geneThis study