Geographic origins, years of isolation, and sources of R. salmoninarum isolates used in this study

IsolateGeographic originYear of isolationSourcea
ATCC 33209TLeaburg Hatchery, Oregon1974D. G. Elliott (WFRC)
Bonneville-1Bonneville Hatchery, Oregon1993C. R. Banner (OSU)
Bonneville-5Bonneville Hatchery, Oregon1998C. R. Banner (OSU)
BPA2001-6031Hood Canal, Washington2001S. C. Corbett (NWFSC)
BPA2001-6050Hood Canal, Washington2001S. C. Corbett (NWFSC)
Carson5bCarson Hatchery, Washington1993C. R. Banner (OSU)
Cow-ChS-94Cowlitz Hatchery, Washington1994C. R. Banner (OSU)
D6Oregon State University1982C. R. Banner (OSU)
DWK90Dworshak Hatchery, Idaho1990D. G. Elliott (WFRC)
DWK91Dworshak Hatchery, Idaho1991D. G. Elliott (WFRC)
GL64Lake Michigan1990D. G. Elliott (WFRC)
91-127 IdahoRedfish Lake captive broodstock, Oregon1991C. R. Banner (OSU)
Lake Billy ChinookLake Billy Chinook, Oregon1998C. R. Banner (OSU)
Little GooseLittle Goose Dam, Washington1984C. R. Banner (OSU)
LookingglassLookingglass Hatchery, Oregon1993C. R. Banner (OSU)
Lost18Lostine River captive broodstock, Oregon1999F. T. Poysky (NWFSC)
LR95Lostine River captive broodstock, Oregon1999C. R. Banner (OSU)
Marion ForksMarion Forks Hatchery, Oregon1994C. R. Banner (OSU)
MK91MacKenzie Hatchery, Oregon1991C. R. Banner (OSU)
MMMvirSeattle, Wash.1999M. M. Moore (NWFSC)
MT239Aberdeen, Scotland1988D. G. Elliott (WFRC)
Round ButteRound Butte Hatchery, Oregon1991C. R. Banner (OSU)
SAW91Sawtooth Hatchery, Idaho1991D. G. Elliott (WFRC)
ss-ChS-94-1South Santiam Hatchery, Oregon1994C. R. Banner (OSU)
W88B2McNary Dam (water), Oregon/Washington1989D. G. Elliott (WFRC)
WillametteWillamette Hatchery, Oregon1993C. R. Banner (OSU)
  • a Abbreviations: WFRC, Western Fisheries Research Center, Seattle, Wash.; OSU, Oregon State University, Corvallis; NWFSC, Northwest Fisheries Science Center, Seattle, Wash.