Properties of O. oeni isolates analyzed and their allele profiles at each locus

Strain no.StrainRTaSTAllele no. at locus:Source of isolate
1MCW (PSU-1)NDb111111California, United States1958
2CECT 4028 (DSMZ 20255)B221221Bordeaux, France1961
3CECT 4029 (DSMZ 20257)B332221CSIRO, Australia1958
4CECT 4100T (ATCC 23279)B441321Bordeaux, France1961
5CECT 4721 (ATCC 23278)B543421Merbein, Australia1958
6CECT 4725 (ATCC 23277)B641231Bordeaux, France1961
7CECT 4728 (ML27)B751531California, United States1965
8CECT 4758A864612Valladolid, Spain1995
9BIFI-1A965721Valladolid, Spain1999
10BIFI-9A1065812Logro⎯o, Spain1999
11BIFI-21A1161842Madrid, Spain2001
12BIFI-26A1277951Valladolid, Spain2001
13BIFI-86A1361862Logroño, Spain2003
15Uvaferm ALPHAA1569221Bordeaux, FranceND
16Uvaferm MLDA16611012NDND
17Viniflora OENOSA17611182ND1993
18Viniflora CH35A186101252Burgundy, FranceND
  • a RT, ribotype. Ribotypes are as defined by Zavaleta et al. (47).

  • b ND, no data available.