Specificity test of group-specific primers for the C. leptum subgroup and the Atopobium cluster

SpeciesaStrainOther designationPCR resultsb
Clostridium leptumYIT 6169TDSM 753T+
Clostridium virideYIT 10050TDSM 6836T+
Eubacterium siraeumYIT 10049TDSM 3996T+
Faecalibacterium prausnitziiYIT 6174ATCC 27766+
Ruminococcus albusYIT 6083TATCC 27210T+
Ruminococcus bromiiYIT 6078TATCC27255T+
Ruminococcus callidusYIT 6175TATCC 27760T+
Atopobium parvulumYIT 10055TJCM 10300T+
Collinsella aerofaciensATCC 25986TATCC 25986T+
Collinsella intestinalisYIT 10051TJCM 10643T+
Collinsella stercorisYIT 10052TJCM 10641T+
Eggerthella lentaYIT 6077TATCC 25559T+
  • a In addition, negative PCR results with primers sg-Clept and g-Atopo were obtained for the following bacterial species: Bacteroides fragilis YIT 6158T (= ATCC 25285T), Bacteroides ovatus YIT 6161T (= JCM 5824T); Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron YIT 6163T (= JCM 5827T), Bacteroides uniformis YIT 6164T (= JCM 5828T), Bacteroides vulgatus YIT 6159T (= ATCC 8424T), Bacteroides caccae ATCC 43185T, Bacteroides eggerthii DSM 20697T, Clostridium clostridiiforme YIT 6051T (= JCM 1291T), Clostridium coccoides YIT 6035T (= JCM 1395T), Clostridium nexile YIT 6170T (= ATCC 27757T), Clostridium oroticum YIT 6037T (= JCM 1429T), Clostridium sphenoides YIT 6059T (= JCM 1415T), Eubacterium rectale YIT 6082T (= ATCC 33656T), Ruminococcus gnavus YIT 6176T (= ATCC 29149T), Ruminococcus productus YIT 6141T (= ATCC 27340T), Prevotella corporis YIT 6132T (= JCM 8529T), Prevotella denticola YIT 6131 (= JCM 8528), Prevotella melaninogenica YIT 6039T (= ATCC 25845T), Prevotella veroralis YIT 6126T (= JCM 6290T), Prevotella buccae DSM 20615, Prevotella intermedia YIT 6130T (= JCM 7365T), Prevotella oralis YIT 6127 (= JCM 6330), Bifidobacterium adolescentis YIT 4011T (= ATCC 15703T), Bifidobacterium angulatum YIT 4012T (= ATCC 27535T), Bifidobacterium bifidum YIT 4039T (= ATCC 29521T), Bifidobacterium breve YIT 4014T (= ATCC 15700T), Bifidobacterium catenulatum YIT 4016T (= ATCC 27539T), Bifidobacterium pseudocatenulatum YIT 4072T (= JCM 1200T), Bifidobacterium longum YIT 4021T (= ATCC 15707T), Bifidobacterium infantis YIT 4018T (= ATCC 15697T), Bifidobacterium dentium YIT 4017T (= ATCC 27534T), Clostridium baratii YIT 6052T (= JCM 1385T), Clostridium celatum, YIT 6056T (= JCM 1394T), Clostridium perfringens YIT 6050T (= JCM 1290T), Clostridium sporogenes YIT 6060T (= JCM 1416T), Clostridium limosum YIT 6061T (= JCM 1427T), Clostridium bifermentans YIT 6053T (= JCM 1386T), Clostridium glycolicum YIT 6058T (= JCM 1401T), Clostridium sordelii YIT 6065T (= JCM 3814T), Fusobacterium varium ATCC 8501T, Fusobacterium gonidiaformans YIT 6079T (= ATCC 25563T), Escherichia coli YIT 6044T (= JCM 1649T), Enterococcus faecalis YIT 2031T (= ATCC 19433T), Enterococcus faecium YIT 2032T (= ATCC 19434T), Porphyromonas gingivalis YIT 6030 (= JCM 8525), Porphyromonas asaccharolytica ATCC 25260T, Propionibacterium acnes YIT 6118 (= ATCC 6919T), Lactobacillus acidophilus YIT 0070T (= ATCC 4356T), and Peptostreptococcus prevotii YIT 10027T (= ATCC 9321T).

  • b +, positive; −, negative.