Cloning strains, host strains, and plasmids used or constructed in this work

Strain or plasmidRelevant genotype or characteristicsReference or source
    E. coli JM101endA hsdR supR thi-1 Δ(lac-proAB) F′(traD36 proAB lacIq) lacZM1540
    E. coli DH10BCloning strainGibco BRL
    E. coli GEc137DH-1 thi fadR11
    P. putida GPo12GPo1 cured of the OCT plasmid31
    E. coli CC118(RK600)Helper strain for triparental mating9
    pGEc47ΔBpGEc47, deletion in alkB31
    pZErO2.1Cloning vector; KmrInvitrogen
    pCR-TOPO2.1Cloning vector; Kmr, AprInvitrogen
    pCom8Broad-host-range expression vector with PalkB; Gmr oriT alkS33
    pCom8-PFR1500pCom8 containing the HXN1500 CYP153A6, ferredoxin, and ferredoxin reductase35
    pCom8-PA7F200pCom8 containing the HXN200 CYP153A7 and ferredoxinThis study
    pCom8-PA7F200R1500As pCom8-PA7F200, including the HXN1500 ferredoxin reductaseThis study
    pCom12-PA7F200R1500As pCom8-PA7F200R1500, with unique EcoRI and PacI cloning sites flanking the CYP153A7 geneThis study
    pCom12-PxF200R1500As pCom8-PA7F200R1500, with the CYP153A1, -A5, -A7, -A8, -A11, -A12, -A13, -A14, -D2, or -D3 gene cloned between the EcoRI and PacI sitesThis study