Number of enterovirus genomes per liter along the main stem of Ballona Creek in Los Angeles, CA

Distance upstream from Santa Monica Bay (km) (name of site)No. of enterovirus genomes/liter and presence or absence of the human-specific Bacteroides markera at the following time of day:
6.3 (Cochran)3,255*1,391*1,714*1,440*1,336**
5.4 (Adams)*630*200b290***
4.7 (Rodeo/Higuera)*96**1,641*579
2.6 (Overland)***926***
1.5 (Sawtelle)***61**384
0 (Inglewood)******
  • a Asterisks indicate presence.

  • b PCR inhibited for human-specific Bacteroides marker.