Summary of complex repetitive sequences

Sequence groupSize (bp)No. of copies% Identitya
Gene, operon, and/or region
    Cytochrome c oxidase gene clusters (nwi0223-nwi0228; nwi0761-nwi0766)5,4322100
    Phage-related gene clusters (nwi1485-nwi1477; nwi1628-nwi1621)4,406298.9
    Nitrite oxidoreductase α-subunit (nwi2068; nwi0774)3,645294
    Nitrite oxidoreductase β-subunit (nwi0965; nwi0776)1,542297
    TonB-dependent receptor (nwi2076; nwi1732)1,562299.8
    TonB-dependent transport system (nwi2038-nwi2040; nwi0705-nwi0703)2,117298.3
IS elements
    ISnw1 (two transposases)1,51123>99.8
    ISnw2 (two transposases)1,51211>98
    ISnw3 (two transposases)1,05018>99.8
    ISnw4 (one transposase)1,01610b>99.8
    ISnw5 (one transposase)90214>99.3
    ISnw6 (two transposases)85519>98.8
    ISnw7 (one transposase)94714b>99.6
    ISnw8 (two transposases)1,3212100
  • a Nucleotide sequence identity between repeats.

  • b Two of the copies contain only partial repeats of the IS element.