Locations and geochemical properties of microbial community sampling sites along a cross-shore transect at Huntington Beach, Orange County, California

StationDescriptionApprox distance from mean low water (m)Depth below beach face (m)Salinity (psu)NO3 concn (μM)NO2 concn (μM)aNH4+ concn (μM)
ASurf zone0033.60.5DL45.4
BSaline groundwater100.533.78.7DL147.0
CSaline groundwater27234.5270.0DL161.5
DMesohaline groundwater35321.3330.7DL30.8
EBrackish groundwater4038.7203.1DL9.2
  • a DL, below the detection limit. The detection limit for this analysis was 0.14 μM NO2.