Summary of transporters

Transporter familyaNo.Function(s)
ABC type I/II18/1bHeme, alkanesulfonate, Fe, molybdate, Mn/Zn, Mg/Co, polar/branched amino acids, polyamines, sulfonate, sulfate, nitrate, peptides, glycine betaine/proline, type II unknown
MFS8Cyanate permease, metals, multidrug resistance, general sugar, nitrite/nitrate
RND7Heavy metal efflux (Ag, Co, Zn, Cd), unknown
TRAP1C4 dicarboxylate (malate, succinate)
CPA-11Flux of Na+/H+ ions
SMR3Unknown multidrug resistance
Miscellaneous8Arsenate efflux, sulfate permease, nitrite/formate, Mg and Mn efflux, unknown porins
  • a ABC, ATP binding cassette; MFS, major facilitator superfamily; RND, resistance-nodulation-cell division; TRAP, tripartate ATP-dependent periplasmic; CPA, cation:proton antiporter; SMR, small multidrug resistance.

  • b 18 type I, 1 type II.