Regulatory and signaling proteins

No. of proteinsCategorya
136Transcription/elongation/termination factors
17Sigma factors (1-σ32, σ70, and σ54; 14-ECF σ24)
1Anti/anti-anti sigma factors
5Termination/antitermination factors (e.g. Rho, NusA, NusB, NusG)
2Elongation factors
109Transcription factors (27 Fis, 8 LysR, 8 two-component transcriptional regulator winged-helix family, 8 XRE family)
94Signal transduction proteins (3 chemotaxis, 94 nonchemotaxis signal transduction)
28Signal transduction histidine kinases
14Cyclic nucleotide signal transduction
4PII-like nitrogen regulatory proteins
45Miscellaneous (13 CheY, 12 putative FecR, 7 PAS/PAC domain)
  • a PAS, peroid clock protein-aryl hydrocarbon nuclear translocator-single-minded proteins; PAC, PAS-associated C-terminal motif.