Estimates of abundance of the members of different bacterial groups made by cultivation-independent methods other than clone library analysis

Source (site designation)aMethodbNo. of members of indicated groupcReference(s)
Cropland, ItalyFISH420155865 18
Organic soil, NorwayFISH<12-5<1-5<15-8<13-7 20
Mineral soil, GermanyFISH<17-10<1-4<14-7<13-7 20
Tundra, RussiaFISH4112386 64
Cropland, GermanyFISH310252 102
Forest, GermanyFISH<17<113<17 118
Tilled cropland, United States (CT)rRNA<1-95-2218-412-6<1-3<15-7 15, 16
Tilled cropland, United States (NI)rRNA72643 15
No-till cropland, United States (AF)rRNA72643 15
No-till cropland, United States (NT)rRNA113153 15
Abandoned field, United States (HCS)rRNA1-39-277-331-51-3<13-9 15, 16
Abandoned field, United States (LS)rRNA4103812<113 16
Tilled grassland, United States (HCST)rRNA2144<1<1<12 16
Meadow, United States (NCS)rRNA<1-39-1812-411-941-31-24-12 15, 16
Tree plantation, United States (PL)rRNA17161<1<13 16
Meadow, The NetherlandsrRNA192248 39
Desert, United StatesqPCR1957414 40
Forest, United StatesqPCR14514513 40
Prairie, United StatesqPCR2369816 40
  • a The site designations are those used by authors to identify particular sources within studies with multiple soil samples.

  • b FISH, counting of cells in soil samples with group-specific oligonucleotide probes; rRNA, estimation of abundance of rRNA in total rRNA by hybridization with group-specific oligonucleotide probes; qPCR, quantitative PCR estimate of 16S rRNA genes using group-specific assays, relative to estimates of total bacteria using Bacteria-specific assays.

  • c ACI, phylum Acidobacteria; ACT, phylum Actinobacteria; ALF, class Alphaproteobacteria; BET, class Betaproteobacteria; GAM, class Gammaproteobacteria; DEL, class Deltaproteobacteria; VER, phylum Verrucomicrobia; BAC, phylum Bacteroidetes; FIR, phylum Firmicutes; PLA, phylum Planctomycetes.