Chloroethene utilization by Dehalococcoides isolates

Dehalococcoides sp. strainMetabolic electron acceptorsChloroethene(s) cometabolizedMajor end product(s)GroupaReference(s) or source
195PCE, TCE, cis-DCE, 1,1-DCEVCVC, etheneC 20
BAV1 cis-DCE, trans-DCE, 1,1-DCE, VCPCE, TCEEtheneP 7
FL2TCE, cis-DCE, trans-DCEPCE, VCVC, etheneP 8
VSbTCE, cis-DCE, 1,1-DCE, VCNDcEtheneV 3, 21; A. Spormann, personal communication
CBDB1PCE, TCEND trans-DCEP 1; L. Adrian, personal communication
KB-1/VCbTCE, cis-DCE, VCNDEtheneP 4
GTTCE, cis-DCE, 1,1-DCE, VCNoneEthenePThis study
  • a Group designations are according to Hendrickson et al. and are based on 16S rRNA gene sequence differences (9). C, Cornell; V, Victoria; P, Pinellas.

  • b Characterized in mixed culture.

  • c ND, not determined.