Species of Streptoccocus present at 4 and 8 h of enamel colonization

% of sequences for indicated subject ata:
SpeciesSubject 1Subject 2Subject 3
4 h8 h4 h8 h4 h8 h
S. oralis/S. mitis26.723.170.0100.054.984.9
S. salivarius/S. vestibularis/ S. thermophilus4.714.3NoneNoneNoneNone
S. infantis14.011.06.7None17.79.4
S. sanguinis15.16.616.7None7.8None
S. parasanguinis3.513.2NoneNoneNoneNone
S. gordonii1.26.6NoneNone7.8None
S. anginosus3.56.6NoneNoneNoneNone
S. bovis1.2NoneNoneNoneNoneNone
S. cristatusNoneNoneNoneNoneNone3.8
  • a Data represent the percentages of sequences from samples that after phylogenetic analysis were >98% similar to the sequence of a validated Streptococcus reference strain. Sequences with <98% similarity to any known Streptococcus spp. were left unclassified and appear in the table as “other.”