Identification of PCB-metabolizing bacteria isolated from various plant species by 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis using RDP II

IsolatesNearest sequence match in RDP IIAssociation with plant speciesa
DesignationGenBank accession no.Strain or speciesGenBank accession no.ReferenceNo. of base pairs compared% SimilarityRoot zoneRhizosphere
Gram-positive High-G+C-content bacteria
    Arthrobacter subdivision
        OUCZ22AY785732Arthrobacter oxidans type strainX83408241,27599.9L
        OUCZ46AY785738Microbacterium oxydans type strainY17227431,204100.0A, BB, G, P
        OUCZ212AY785751Microbacterium sp. strain VKM Ac-2016AB042081Unpublished740100.0P
    Mycobacterium subdivision
        OUCZ100AY785746Rhodococcus erythreus type strainX79289391,29699.8A, (B), (G), L(A), (B), (G), L
        OUCZ108AY785747Rhodococcus erythreus type strainX79289391,29699.8A, (B), (G), L(A), (B), (G), L
        OUCZ211AY785750Rhodococcus erythropolisAF532870491,296100.0L
        OUCZ20AY785731Rhodococcus erythropolis isolate EK5AJ237967221,257100.0(A), L, (W)
        OUCZ91BAY785745Rhodococcus ruberAF350248Unpublished1,320100.0B, G, W
        OUCZ16AY785730Rhodococcus sp. strain IFO16253AB023374Unpublished1,27499.3A
        OUCZ35AY785735Rhodococcus sp. strain 871-AN040AF42042171,27599.9P
        OUCZ26AY785734Rhodococcus sp. strain 871-AN040AF42042171,267100.0A
        OUCZ44AY785736Rhodococcus sp. strain 871-AN040AF42042171,358100.0A, (L), WA, (B), G, W
        OUCZ58AY785741Rhodococcus sp. strain 871-AN040AF42042171,383100.0A, (L), WA, (B), (G), W
        OUCZ204AY785749Rhodococcus sp. strain 871-AN040AF42042171,37499.9A
        OUCZ48AY785739Rhodococcus wratislaviensis type strainZ37138Unpublished1,438100.0A, B, G, L, NR, P, WP
        OUCZ59AY785742Rhodococcus wratislaviensis type strainZ37138Unpublished1,43499.9A
        OUCZ45AY785737Williamsia murale type strainY17384211,44399.0G
Low-G+C-content bacterium
    OUCZ63AY785743Bacillus sp. strain LMG 20240AJ316310161,444100.0G
Gram-negative Gammaproteobacteria
    OUCZ70AY785744Luteibacter rhizovicina type strain LJ96TAJ580498Unpublished1,35799.0W
    OUCZ118AY785748Pseudomonas fluorescens strain Biotype FAJ308306Unpublished1,35499.9P
    OUCZ24AY785733Pseudomonas frederiksbergensis strain JAJ28AJ24938211,258100.0L, WL
    OUCZ52AAY785740Pseudomonas sp. strain SMCC B0361AF500621511,34299.9G, W
  • a The data indicate that a bacterium with same the 16S rRNA gene sequence was isolated from the root zone or rhizosphere of other plant species at the site and sequenced. A, ash; B, birch; G, Grass-forb mixture; L, Black locust; NR, non-root-containing soil; P, pine; W, willow. Parentheses indicate that a bacterium with the same cell and colony morphology was isolated but not sequenced; thus, the identity is tentative. Underlining indicates the isolation source.