Results of analysis of variance

ParameterAnalysis of variance (P value)a
Time effectP availability effectTime-P interactionC effect (expt 2)b
Expt 1Expt 2Expt 1Expt 2Expt 1Expt 2
Root dry mass (Fig. 1A)0.28<0.050.09<<0.001
Root C uptake (Fig. 1B)<<0.05<0.01<0.050.28
C flow to the AM fungus (Fig. 2)0.22<0.010.25<0.05<0.05<0.0010.23
NLFA/phospholipid ratio, intraradical (Fig. 3A)<0.01<0.001<0.05<0.05<0.010.840.16
NLFA/phospholipid ratio, extraradical (Fig. 3B)<0.01<0.01<
GiPT transcription levels (Fig. 4)0.31<0.01<0.01<0.050.760.610.82
  • a For both experiments the results were analyzed using a two-way analysis of variance, including three harvests and two different P treatments.

  • b The results of experiment 2 were also analyzed using a three-way analysis of variance, including the last two harvests, two P treatments, and two C treatments. P values from the two-way analysis of variance are shown for time and P effects, but for the C effect the P values are from a three-way analysis of variance.