List of strains and PCR/RFLP data obtained in the preliminary study

SpeciesaOld epithetCBSbNBRCcRemarksPCR/RFLP analysis
S. bayanus* S. bayanus 38011022Type strainSu+SbSuSb
S. bayanus S. uvarum 39511025Type strainSuSuSu
S. bayanus* S. globosus 42410557Type strainSbSuSb
S. bayanus or S. pastorianus1174Brewing strain (Saaz)Sc+SbSc+SbSb
S. pastorianus*1462250Brewing strainSc+SuSc+SuSu
S. bayanus or S. pastorianus1483Brewing strainSc+SbSc+SbSc+Sb
S. bayanus or S. pastorianus1484Isolated from cloudy beerSc+SbSc+SbSc+Sb
S. pastorianus*14861961Brewing strain (Saaz)Sc+SbSc+SbSb
S. bayanus or S. pastorianus1502Brewing strainSuSuSu+Sb
S. pastorianus* S. monacensis 150310610Type strainSc+SbSbSc+Sb
S. pastorianus* S. carlsbergensis 151311023Type strainSc+SbSc+SbSb
S. pastorianus* S. pastorianus 153811024Type strainSc+SbSc+SbSb
S. bayanus or S. pastorianus1542Su+SbSu+SbSu+Sb
S. bayanus 15451344Brewing strainSu+SbSu+SbSu+Sb
S. bayanus or S. pastorianus2156Brewing strainSc+SbSc+SbSc+Sb
S. bayanus or S. pastorianus2165Brewing strainScScSb
S. bayanus or S. pastorianus2440Brewing strain (Saaz)Sc+SbSc+SbSc+Sb
S. bayanus or S. pastorianus2443Brewing strainSc+SbSc+SbSc+Sb
S. bayanus 2946573SuSuSu
S. bayanus 300810558Wine strainSbSuSb
S. bayanus or S. pastorianus51841343Brewing strainSu+SbSu+SbSu
S. bayanus or S. pastorianus5792Brewing strainSuSuSu
S. bayanus or S. pastorianus5832Brewing strainSc+SbSc+SbSc+Sb
S. bayanus or S. pastorianus6903Brewing strainSc+SbSc+SbSc+Sb
S. bayanus* S. abuliensis 7001 S. uvarum representativeSuSuSu
S. byanus or S. pastorianus*†8614Cider strainSc+SuSc+SuSc+Su
S. bayanus 251Su+SbSu+SbSb
S. bayanus 213Su+SbSu+SbSb
S. bayanus 539SbSbSb
S. bayanus 1048Su+SbSbSu+Sb
S. bayanus*1948Brewing contaminantSbSbSb
S. pastorianus*2003Brewing strainSc+SbSc+SbSc+Sb
S. bayanus*2031Brewing strain (Pilsner)SbSbSu+Sb
S. bayanus 10158Brewing strainSuSuSu
S. bayanus 10551SuSuSu
  • a *, strains selected for further study; †, species as indicated in the CBS database at the time of purchase.

  • b CBS (Centraal Bureau voor Shimmelcultures, Utrecht, The Netherlands) strain.

  • c NBRC (NITE Biological Resource Center, Department of Biotechnology, National Institute for Technology and Evaluation, Chiba, Japan) strain.