B. cereus group isolates used in the emetic screeninga

No. of strainsOriginSite
390bSandy loam on Møn, DenmarkSoil
245Curly kale fieldscSoil
196Curly kale fieldsLower leaves
90Curly kale fieldsUpper leaves
  • a The strains were from 18 different Danish localities and were isolated from lower and upper leaves of curly kale phylloplane (Brascia olearcea acephala) and from soil of curly kale phylloplane fields.

  • b Ninety of these strains (including strain MC8, MC10, MC17, MC21, MC26, MC35, MC37, MC42, MC48, MC51, MC58, MC59, MC70, MC73, MC78, MC80, MC84, MC87, MC89, and MC90 used for RAPD_1 typing) were identified as B. weihenstephanensis (20).

  • c Curly kale fields from 17 localities throughout Denmark.