Stepwise logistic regression results for human markers tabulated by body of water

Body of waterQuantiles of predicted probabilityModel fitTest of global null hypothesisSignificant parameter(s)a
10%90%−2 log likelihoodRescaled R2Chi squaredfP
Tillamook Bay0.390.9272.260.237.975<0.0001Location, water temp (−)
Kilchis River0.050.58231.010.357.0914<0.0001Month, E. coli (+), pH (−), 5-day precipitation (−)
Miami River0.030.6240.3360.2240.0312<0.0001Month, E. coli (+)
Tillamook River0.290.56268.110.0811.9620.0025pH (+), 5-day precipitation (+)
Trask River0.250.93264.650.2955.545<0.0001Location, water temp (−)
Wilson River0.140.46249.130.1118.471<0.0001pH (+)
  • a A minus sign indicates that there was a negative effect, and a plus sign indicates that there was a positive effect.