Summary of statistics for water quality and microbial marker variables in different bodies of watera

Body of waterE. coli counts (MPN · 100 ml−1)Ruminant markersHuman markersTurbidity (formazin turbidity units)Temp (°C)pH
Geometric meanLower 95% CIUpper 95% CIFrequency95% CIFrequency95% CIGeometric meanLower 95% CIUpper 95% CIMean95% CIMean95% CI
Tillamook Bay38.38 A8.7711.280.76 A±0.050.65 A±0.064.38 A0.320.3511.61 A±0.507.26 A±0.05
Kilchis River38.97 A8.4010.640.72 A±0.060.27 B±0.061.22 B0.150.1710.24 B,C,D±0.396.89 B±0.04
Miami River37.16 A6.828.310.76 A±0.050.28 B±0.060.95 C0.100.119.83 B,C±0.286.90 B±0.03
Tillamook River242.83 B54.8170.690.81 A±0.050.40 B,C±0.063.13 D0.290.3210.20 B,C,D±0.426.76 C±0.04
Trask River78.04 C13.4816.260.77 A±0.050.51 C±0.062.75 D0.360.4110.63 B,D±0.486.99 D±0.04
Wilson River25.13 D4.665.660.68 A±0.060.25 B±0.052.07 E0.280.3213.20 E±0.757.13 E±0.04
  • a For continuous variables, the results are the least-square means (back-transformed for E. coli and turbidity). Within a column, values followed by the same letter are not significantly different at an alpha of 0.05 based on corrected multiple ’pairwise’ comparison procedures. CI, confidence interval.