Degradation pattern of α-, γ-, β-, and δ-HCH isomersa

Strain or mutantPresence of genebDegradation of HCH isomerc
Sphingobium indicum B90Ad++++++++++++++++
Sphingobium francense Sp+++++++++++++
Sphingobium japonicum UT26+++++++++++
Sp+mtC1-9 (containing linB of B90A)+++++++
E. coli containing pLINEBB+++++++
E. coli containing pLINESB+++
E. coli containing pLINEUB+++
  • a Data are based on means of three replicates.

  • b The data for the presence or absence of lin genes were obtained from references 8 and 19. +, present; −, absent.

  • c +++, fast degradation; ++, moderate degradation; +, slow degradation; −, no degradation.

  • d B90A carries two copies of linA, designated linA1 and linA2 (8, 19).