Real-time quantitative PCR analysis of changes in Geothrix fermentans gene copy number compared with array intensity

Sample sourceaReplicate no.Normalized array intensitydNo. of 16S rRNA gene copies g−1
Area 21133bNDc
Reduction16,3091.7 × 106
26,2953.3 × 106
36,1224.7 × 106
Oxidation15,4972.7 × 106
26,0544.0 × 106
36,4339.5 × 106
  • a Area 2 indicates the original sediment prior to column packing, reduction indicates samples taken during the net uranium reduction phase, and oxidation indicates samples taken during the net uranium oxidation phase.

  • b The Geothrix fermentans probe set was below the positive fraction threshold of 0.90 (90% of probe pairs must pass) in these samples and therefore is considered not detected by the array.

  • c ND, none detected.

  • d Array intensities are expressed in arbitrary fluorescence units.