Fluorescence localization of eGFP-tagged lipid body proteins in recombinant actinomycetesa

PlasmidM. smegmatis mc2155R. opacus PD630
Fluorescence intensityLocalizationFluorescence intensityLocalization
pJAM-perAmur-egfpStrongTAG inclusion associatedStrongTAG inclusion associated
pJAM-adrphum-egfpLowTAG inclusion associatedLowTAG inclusion associated
pJAM-tip47hum-egfpStrongTAG inclusion associatedStrongTAG inclusion associated
pJAM-oleoHD-egfpVery lowDiffuseVery lowDiffuse
  • a The following are general characteristics relevant for fluorescence microscopic localization of eGFP-tagged lipid body proteins: for M. smegmatis mc2155, confluent growth, small cell size (0.8 by 3 μm), and small TAG inclusions (200 to 300 nm in diameter); for R. opacus PD630, single cells, large cell size (1.2 by 5 μm), and large TAG inclusions (200 to 500 nm in diameter).