Serotypes that include at least one isolate that carries a deletion in the 3′ end of fimAa

SerotypefimA deletion typeST(s) of human isolates (no. of isolates) within a given serotype that carry:ST of cattle isolates (no. of isolatesb) within a given serotype that carry:
fimA deletionNo fimA deletionfimA deletionNo fimA deletion
Serotype NewportD178 (3)11 (9), 13 (1), 33 (2), 46 (2), 76 (1)None11 (25)
Serotype WeltvredenD279 (1)NoneNoneNone
Serotype Paratyphi CD280 (1)NoneNoneNone
Serotype Saint PaulD381 (1)38 (4)NoneNone
Serotype BertaD382 (1), 83 (1)NoneNoneNone
Serotype StanleyD384 (1)39 (1)NoneNone
  • a Serotypes for which all isolates carry no deletion in the 3′ end of fimA are not included in this table.

  • b Only one isolate representing each unique serotype/ST combination found on a given farm was counted; these numbers were used to avoid the overrepresentation of a subtype due to resampling on a given farm (e.g., when isolates with the same serotype/ST combination were isolated on different dates on the same farm) (Table 1).