Relationships between bacterial indicators and human-associated markers of fecal pollution analyzed using binary logistic regressiona

AnalyteNorth Florida studyGainesville area studyCompiled data
R squareOdds ratioR squareOdds ratioR squareOdds ratio
FC vs esp0.1431.0030.0151.0000.1071.001
FC vs HPyVs0.0441.0020.0121.0000.0331.000
FC vs bac0.0871.0020.1071.0010.1051.001
E. coli vs esp 0.192 1.007NANANANA
E. coli vs HPyVs0.0641.004NANANANA
E. coli vs bac 0.109 1.005NANANANA
ENT vs esp0.0491.0020.1021.0000.1631.000
ENT vs HPyVs0.0031.0000.0911.0000.0731.000
ENT vs bac0.0251.0010.2041.0000.1161.000
esp vs HPyVs 0.435 17.308 0.712 94.062 0.558 38.824
bac vs HPyVs 0.535 59.800 0.212 9.167 0.391 30.545
bac vs esp 0.458 31.800 0.248 11.000 0.371 15.238
  • a NA, E. coli analysis was carried out only in the North Florida study. Boldface values indicate significant correlation (α < 0.05 for χ2; confidence interval for odds ratio does not include 1.0). FC, fecal coliforms; bac, human-associated 16S rRNA Bacteroides marker; ENT, enterococci.