Distribution of Salmonella serotypes among STs and human and bovine isolates

SerotypeaST(s)No. of isolates from:
HumansDairy cattleb
Serotype 4,5,12:i:-6, 40123
Serotype Agona1, 234
Serotype Enteritidis***14, 36260
Serotype Heidelberg*3, 26, 50100
Serotype Mbandaka64, 65, 7341
Serotype Montevideo9, 56, 57, 6743
Serotype Muenster*4415
Serotype Newport***11, 13, 33, 46, 76, 781825
Serotype Saint Paul38, 8150
Serotype Thompson43, 6253
Serotype Typhimurium6, 7, 8, 47, 493019
Serotype Urbana5250
  • a Only serotypes that occurred more than five times are listed separately (for animal isolates, only one isolate with a given serotype and ST per farm was counted). Additional serotypes that occurred less than five times are as follows (numbers of human and unique bovine isolates per farm are included in parentheses): serotype 4,12:i:- (one bovine isolate), serotype Abony (two human isolates), serotype Adelaide (one human isolate and one bovine isolate), serotype Agbeni (one human isolate), serotype Anatum (three human isolates), serotype Arechavaleta (one human isolate), serotype 4,12:r:- (two human isolates), serotype Bardo (two bovine isolates), serotype Berta (two human isolates), serotype Blockley (one human isolate), serotype Braenderup (one human isolate), serotype 1,7:-:1,5 (three human isolates), serotype Cubana (one human isolate), serotype Dublin (two human isolates), serotype Give (one human isolate), serotype Hadar (two human isolates), serotype Hartford (one human isolate), serotype Havana (one bovine isolate), serotype Infantis (two human and two bovine isolates), serotype Javiana (four human isolates), serotype Kentucky (two bovine isolates), serotype Kintambo (one human isolate), serotype Litchfield (one human isolate), serotype Muenchen (three human isolates), serotype Nyanza (one human isolate), serotype Oranienburg (one human isolate and one bovine isolate), serotype Panama (three human isolates), serotype Paratyphi B (one human isolate), serotype Paratyphi B var. Java (two human isolates), serotype Paratyphi C (one human isolate), serotype Pomona (one human isolate), serotype Poona (two human isolates), serotype Rough o:i:1,2 (one bovine isolate), serotype Rublislaw (one human isolate), serotype Schwarzengrund (three human isolates), serotype Senftenberg (one human isolate), serotype Stanley (two human isolates), serotype Typhimurium var. Copenhagen (four bovine isolates), serotype Weltvreden (one human isolate), and serotype Worthington (one human isolate). Serotypes that differ significantly in frequency among human and animal isolates, as determined by chi-square test or Fisher's exact test, are marked with * (P < 0.05) or *** (P < 0.001).

  • b Only one isolate representing each unique serotype/ST combination found on a given farm was counted; these numbers were used to avoid the overrepresentation of a subtype due to resampling on a given farm (e.g., when isolates with the same serotype/ST combination were isolated on different dates on the same farm) (Table 1).