Strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristicsReference or source
C. glutamicum strains
    ATCC 13032Wild typeAmerican Type Cul- ture Collection
    ΔilvNilvN deletionThis work
    ΔilvA ΔpanBilvA and panB deletionsThis work
    ilvNM13Mutation M13 in ilvNThis work
    ΔilvA ΔpanB ilvNM13ilvA and panB deletions, muta- tion in ilvNThis work
    pK19E. coli vector, Kmr17
    pK19BE. coli vector, Kmr, no BglII siteThis work
    pKK5ilvBNC in pJC18
    pEC71E. coli-C. glutamicum vector, Kmr15
    pECKAE. coli-C. glutamicum vector, KmrThis work
    pECKAilvBNCilvBNC in pECKAThis work
    pK18mobsacBE. coli vector for integration, Kmr23