Oligonucleotide probes used in this study

ProbeSpecificitySequence (5′ to 3′)PositionaFormamide concn (%, vol/vol)bReference
DSS658Desulfosarcina-DesulfococcusSRB of Delta-proteobacteriaTCC ACT TCC CTC TCC CAT658-6856032
ARCH915Most archaeaArchaeaGTG CTC CCC CGC CAA TTC CT915-934352
ANME-1-350ANME-1EuryarchaeotaAGT TTT CGC GCC TGA TGC350-367407
EeIMS932ANME-2EuryarchaeotaAGC TCC ACC CGT TGT AGT932-949657
ANME-2a-647ANME-2aEuryarchaeotaTCT TCC GGT CCC AAG CCT647-66450This study
ANME-2c-622ANME-2cEuryarchaeotaCCC TTG GCA GTC TGA TTG622-63950This study
ANME-2c-760ANME-2cEuryarchaeotaCGC CCC CAG CTT TCG TCC760-77760This study
MBGB-280Marine benthic group BCrenarchaeotaTCA CGG CCC CTA TCG ATT280-29750This study
MBGB-335Marine benthic group BCrenarchaeotaTGC GCC TCG TAA GGC CTG335-35250-60This study
MBGB-380Marine benthic group BCrenarchaeotaGTA ACC CCG TCA CAC TTT380-39750This study
MBGB-525cMarine benthic group BCrenarchaeotaAGA GCT GGT TTT ACC GCG525-54240-50This study
  • a Position in the 16S rRNA of Escherichia coli.

  • b Formamide concentration in the hybridization buffer.

  • c Probe MBGB-525 also targets several sequences from korarchaeota and other archaea due to a single terminal mismatch.