Details of samples used for this study

Sample no. or typeOriginLatitude and longitudeDate collectedDepth (m)aTemp (°C)aSalinity (ppt)a
GOM01Gulf of Mexico27°30.04′ N, 88°24.11′ W18 Jul 200111022.536.6
BES02ABeaufort Sea, Arctic Ocean72°30.0′ N, 151°20.0′ W14 Sep 200235−1.034.0
CHS02Chuckchi Sea, Arctic Ocean73°30.0′ N 157°00.0′ W9 Sep 20023,246−0.3135.0
BES02BBeaufort Sea, Arctic Ocean70°12.0′ N, 137°0.0′ W26 Sep 200225−0.8230.0
ANT98Antarctic peninsula, Southern Ocean61°11.68′ S, 54°36.25′ W3 Nov 19980.5−0.2434.1
COL00Coast of Colombia, SE Pacific3°00.60′ N, 82°37.90′ W4 Aug 20001-326.833.5
CHI00Coast of Chile, SE Pacific29°00′ S, 77°00′ W27 Jul 20001-316.634.4
SAI99Salmon Inlet, NE Pacific49°36.25′ N, 123°48.18′ W17 Aug 19990.516.717.9
PES99Pendrell Sound, NE Pacific50°16.24′ N, 124°42.80′ W20 Aug 19996.218.322.3
MAI00Malaspina Inlet, NE Pacific50°04.77′ N, 124°42.85′ W2 Aug 2000117.625.6
TEA00Teakerne Arm, NE Pacific50°11.35′ N, 124°51.14′ W1 Aug 20007-101824
CUL02MCultus Lake, BC, Canada49°03.45′ N, 121°59.05′ W25 Sep 20021015NA
CUL02HCultus Lake, BC, Canada49°03.45′ N, 121°59.05′ W25 Sep 2002187.3NA
CHL02EChilliwack Lake, BC, Canada49°04.22′ N, 121°25.54′ W29 Jun 2002312.7NA
CAT02Catfish pond, Crowley, La30°13.00′ N, 92°23.00′ W12 Sept 2002NANANA
SPM02Shore Pond cyanobacterial mat, Arctic Ocean83°00.00′ N, 77°00.00′ W7 Aug 2001NANANA
LAC95ALake Constance, Germany47°35.00′ N, 9°25.00′ W10 May 19953NANA
LAC95BLake Constance, Germany47°35.00′ N, 9°25.00′ W16 May 19953NANA
  • a NA, not applicable.