Bacterial strains used in this study and similarities of 16S rRNA gene sequences with the nearest relatives from GenBank

StrainClosest relativeSimilarity (%)Reference; GenBank accession no.
KB6 Pseudomonas pavonaceae 99.5 1
KB9 Flavobacterium columnare 96.7 1
KB23 Pseudomonas rhodesiae 99.0 1
SG81R1 Pseudomonas aeruginosa NAa 12
CM10 Pseudomonas fluorescens 99.9 22
MM1 Pseudomonas putida 99.6This study; AY623928
CP-2 Acidovorax sp.99.1This study; AY623930
CP-17 Pseudomonas rhodesiae 99.7This study; AY623931
CP-1Uncultured ultramicro- bacterium Um197.7This study; AY623929
  • a NA, not available.