L. reuteri 100-23 genes mutated in this study with examples of matches in database, similarity, and predicted function

Gene (bp)Similar protein(s)aOrganism% Identity/no. of amino acidsaFunction
msrB (429)Peptide methionine sulfoxide reductaseSeveral organisms71/140 (L. johnsonii)Reduction of oxidized methionine residues in proteins
xylA (1,350)Xylose isomeraseSeveral organisms81/447 (Lactobacillus brevis)Xylose utilization
met (1,137)Hypothetical proteinSeveral organisms48/368 (L. johnsonii)Unknown; low similarity (<25%) to methionine synthase II (cobalamin independent) of several organisms
lsp (5,905)LJ0621L. johnsonii83/1,073Unknown
COG2931L. gasseri25/1,687Unknown
RlpL. fermentum25/811Unknown
R28Streptococcus pyogenes25/550Adhesion to epithelial cells
EspEnterococcus faecalis24/611Biofilm formation
BapS. aureus20/1,611Biofilm formation
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