In silico coverage of dsrAB genes in the GenBank database

Restriction enzyme (sequence)No. of dsr genes in GenBankaNo. of diagnostic TRFsPredicted percentagecHighest TRF frequencyd
CutNo cut<50 bpb
AluI (AG/CT)22561955659.192
Asp718 (G/GTACC)122947573.165
BcnI (CCS/GG)136611843735.7184
DraI (TTT/AAA)153541283.912
HaeIII (GG/CC)3284855642.5166
Hsp92II (CATG/)3601296173.281
NdeII (/GATC)24766687064.846
RsaI (GT/AC)21587796956.963
TaqI (T/CGA)197126585851.756
  • a Amount out of 381 sequences.

  • b TRF smaller than 50 bp.

  • c Percentage = 100 × (cut dsr/total dsr).

  • d Greatest number of taxons for a particular TRF.