Demographic, immunological, and clinical features of SLE patients

Subject no.Age (yr)SexaRacebImmunological featurescClinical symptomsdSLEDAI scoreBMI (kg/m2)eMedication(s)f
0139FAAANA, dsDNA, C3, C4, hemCL, PS036.6HCQ, belimumab
0221FCaucasianANA, dsDNA, sm, C3, C4, hemAlopecia, LN, PS, Neuro836.4HCQ, MMF, belimumab
0340FCaucasianANA, C3, C4, hemAlopecia, SE321.5HCQ, MMF, belimumab
0464FAAANA, C3, C4Alopecia, MR, PS631.4HCQ, MMF, belimumab
0565FCaucasianANA, dsDNA, C3, C4LN1326.2HCQ, MMF
0641MCaucasianANA, dsDNA, C3LN, PS, IA243.5MTX
0727MAAANA, dsDNA, sm, ACL, C3, C4MR, LN631.6HCQ, MMF
0956FCaucasianANA, dsDNA, hemPS136.5HCQ, MMF, belimumab
1025FCaucasianANA, dsDNA, ACL, B2G, C3, C4MR, LN, PS839.1HCQ, MMF, rituximab
1173FCaucasianANA, smSE018.4HCQ, MMF
1723MCaucasianANA, dsDNA, hemLN221.0HCQ, AZA
1936MCaucasianANA, dsDNA, sm, C4, hemMR, SE037.2HCQ, MMF
2029FAAANA, dsDNA, sm, C3, C4MR, IA233.9HCQ
2366FCaucasianANA, dsDNA, hemNone033.2HCQ, AZA, tacrolimus
  • a F, female; M, male.

  • b Race categories were African American (not Caribbean) (AA) and Caucasian, non-Hispanic.

  • c Immunological features included antinuclear antibodies (ANA), anti-dsDNA antibodies (dsDNA), anti-Smith antibodies (sm), anticardiolipin antibodies (ACL), β2-glycoprotein (B2G), lupus anticoagulant (LAC), complement C3 (C3), complement C4 (C4), and hematological manifestation (hem).

  • d Clinical symptoms included alopecia, cutaneous lupus (CL), malar rash (MR), lupus nephritis (LN), photosensitivity (PS), inflammatory arthritis (IA), serositis (SE), and neurolupus (Neuro).

  • e BMI, body mass index.

  • f Medications included hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), mycophenolate mofetil (MMF), methotrexate (MTX), azathioprine (AZA), belimumab, rituximab, and tacrolimus.