Recognition rate for Raman spectra of single bacteria

StrainTotal no. of spectraNo. of wrongly classified strain spectraRecognition rate for strains (%)No. of wrongly classified species spectraRecognition rate for species (%)
B. pumilus DSM 27571180.71082.5
B. pumilus DSM 361431076.7588.4
B. sphaericus DSM 2853884.9590.6
B. sphaericus DSM 39642783.3783.3
B. subtilis subsp. subtilis DSM 103061096.7897.4
B. subtilis subsp. spizizenii DSM 34742881.0392.9
E. coli DSM 42351492.2394.1
E. coli DSM 49821195.20100.0
E. coli DSM 49920385.0195.0
M. luteus DSM 348619199.8199.8
M. luteus DSM 2003048785.4491.6
M. lylae DSM 20315200100.00100.0
M. lylae DSM 2031820290.0290.0
S. cohnii subsp. cohnii DSM 666967395.5297.0
S. cohnii subsp. cohnii DSM 2026065296.90100.0
S. cohnii subsp. urealyticum DSM 6718651478.5789.2
S. cohnii subsp. urealyticum DSM 671963887.3296.8
S. epidermidis RP 62A517698.8698.8
S. warneri DSM 2003667691.0494.0
S. warneri DSM 20316711085.2790.1
Average recognition rate89.293.6