Comparison of the number of isolates of the potentially highly heat-resistant spore-forming species found in raw milk with their numbers in the other samples at the dairy farms

IdentificationNo. of isolates of the given species per sample categoryb:Total no. of isolates
Raw milk (18)Milking equipmentFodderGreen crop
Teat cups (33)Clusters (12)Connection point (6)Filter cloth (2)Tank (11)Concentrate (25)Pulp (2)Soy (2)Other (3)Silage (12)Green maize (15)Hay/straw (5)Other (4)
B. licheniformis37131741221371
B. pallidus2522117372131100
Brevibacillus borstelensis12618
U. thermosphaericus11112
Bacillus sp. nov. C10212
Virgibacillus sp. nov. F99
Brevibacillus agri81261411428
Brevibacillus spp.8123231121
P. lactisa711211
V. proomii66
Bacillus sp. nov. B58215
Paenibacillus sp. nov. J5510
Paenibacillus sp. nov. M44
B. barbaricus22
B. fordiia2512515
B. smithii226117221
B. subtilis group21215411273
A. thermoaerophilus2417
Bacillus sp. nov. D134
Paenibacillus sp. nov. L11
  • a B. fordii and P. lactis were described as new species following their isolation in this study (36, 38).

  • b Number of samples per category is given in parentheses.