Comparison of the number of isolates of the potentially highly heat-resistant spore-forming species found in raw milk with their numbers in the other samples at the dairy farms

IdentificationNo. of isolates of the given species per sample categoryb:Total no. of isolates
Raw milk (18)Milking equipmentFodderGreen crop
Teat cups (33)Clusters (12)Connection point (6)Filter cloth (2)Tank (11)Concentrate (25)Pulp (2)Soy (2)Other (3)Silage (12)Green maize (15)Hay/straw (5)Other (4)
B. licheniformis 37131741221371
B. pallidus 2522117372131100
Brevibacillus borstelensis 12618
U. thermosphaericus 11112
Bacillus sp. nov. C10212
Virgibacillus sp. nov. F99
Brevibacillus agri 81261411428
Brevibacillus spp.8123231121
P. lactis a 711211
V. proomii 66
Bacillus sp. nov. B58215
Paenibacillus sp. nov. J5510
Paenibacillus sp. nov. M44
B. barbaricus 22
B. fordii a 2512515
B. smithii 226117221
B. subtilis group21215411273
A. thermoaerophilus 2417
Bacillus sp. nov. D134
Paenibacillus sp. nov. L11
  • a B. fordii and P. lactis were described as new species following their isolation in this study (36, 38).

  • b Number of samples per category is given in parentheses.