Correlation relationships between the proportion of HNA cells within the bacterial assemblages compared to HNF and bacterioplankton parameters and the proportions of FISH-detected subgroups of bacteria across all experimental treatmentsa

ParameterCorrelation coefficient (r)Significance (P)
HNF abundance0.0450.8302
Total HNF grazing0.0630.7641
Bacterial abundance0.846<0.0001
Bacterial production0.715<0.0001
Bacterial biomass0.845<0.0001
Bacterial mean cell volume0.813<0.0001
% EUB3380.643<0.0001
% BET42a0.814<0.0001
% R-BT0650.792<0.0001
% GAM42a0.585<0.0001
% CF319a0.4610.0014
% HGC69a−0.0160.2912
  • a For calculations, the proportions of HNA bacteria and FISH-detected bacterial subgroups were expressed as a percentage of total DAPI stained cells. For all analyses, n = 45, except for those with HNF abundance and grazing (n = 25). Significant relationships (P < 0.01) are shown in boldface type.