Correlation relationships between the proportions of β-Proteobacteria (the BET42a probe-detected cells) and of the subcluster of β-Proteobacteria (R-BT065 probe-detected cells) as components of the bacterial community versus basic bacterioplankton parameters throughout all treatmentsa

Parameter% BET42a% R-BT065
Correlation coefficient (r)Significance (P)Correlation coefficient (r)Significance (P)
Bacterial abundance0.615<0.00010.810<0.0001
Bacterial biomass0.587<0.00010.753<0.0001
Bacterial mean cell volume0.661<0.00010.575<0.0001
Bacterial production0.5290.00040.5460.0002
  • a For calculations, the proportions of FISH-detected bacterial subgroups were expressed as a percentage of total DAPI-stained bacteria. For all analyses, n = 45.