Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 isolates included in this study

Isolate identification no.OriginCase no. in outbreakAssociation with locationaSBTb
BC7ClinicalCase 1CBD March211
BC10ClinicalCase 2CBD March42
BC5ClinicalCase 3CBD March211
Reference control 1ClinicalATCC 33152
Reference control 2ClinicalATCC 33215
BC2ClinicalCase 1CBD March211
BC1ClinicalCase 1CBD March211
BC9ClinicalCase 2CBD March42
Reference 2013ClinicalReference case 1Not related762
Reference 2015ClinicalReference case 2Not relatedND
BE3EnvironmentalTower 1CBD MarchND
BE11EnvironmentalTower 2CBD March1
BE12EnvironmentalTower 3CBD March1
BE13EnvironmentalTower 4CBD March1
BE7EnvironmentalTower 5CBD March1
BE5EnvironmentalTower 6CBD March1
BE17EnvironmentalTower 6CBD March1
BE20EnvironmentalTower 7CBD March284
BE19EnvironmentalTower 8CBD March1
BE14EnvironmentalTower 9CBD March1
BE10EnvironmentalTower 9CBD March1
BE6EnvironmentalTower 9CBD March1
BE8EnvironmentalTower 10CBD March1
RC3ClinicalCase 4Suburb 1ND
RC1ClinicalCase 5Suburb 1211
RC2ClinicalCase 5Suburb 1211
RE6EnvironmentalTower 11Suburb 1211
RE4EnvironmentalTower 11Suburb 1211
RE7EnvironmentalTower 11Suburb 1211
RE5EnvironmentalTower 11Suburb 1211
RE18EnvironmentalTower 12Suburb 11
RE2EnvironmentalTower 12Suburb 11
RE16EnvironmentalTower 12Suburb 11
RE15EnvironmentalTower 12Suburb 11
RE3EnvironmentalTower 12Suburb 11
RE1EnvironmentalTower 10Suburb 1284
BC6ClinicalCase 6CBD May211
BC4ClinicalCase 7CBD May211
BC3ClinicalCase 7CBD May211
BC8ClinicalCase 8CBD May211
BE4EnvironmentalTower 13CBD MayND
BE1EnvironmentalTower 14CBD May211
BE9EnvironmentalTower 9CBD May1
BE2EnvironmentalTower 15CBD May211
GC3ClinicalCase 9Suburb 21983
GC2ClinicalCase 10Suburb 2ND
GC1ClinicalCase 11Suburb 284
GC4ClinicalCase 12Suburb 2/CBD MayND
  • a CBD March, isolates from the Central Business District during February to March 2016; CBD May, isolates from the Central Business District between April and May 2016.

  • b SBT, sequence-based type; ND, not determined due to one or more alleles being new or a combination of alleles being new.