Chemical compositions of the rock samples from the CCSD projecta

Sample (depth [m])Rock typeRock or mineral compositionFe2O3 (%)FeO (%)P2O5 (%)H2O (%)CO2 (%)
CCSD_RK529 (529)EclogiteWhole rock4.815.80.240.42<0.01
Garnet0.7 ± 0.223.4 ± 0.20.10 ± 0.004
Pyroxene14.3 ± 2.66.3 ± 2.60.08 ± 0.01
CCSD_RK730 (730)EclogiteWhole rock2.
Garnet0.6 ± 0.320.8 ± 0.20.09 ± 0.002
Pyroxene4.9 ± 4.23.5 ± 2.70.10 ± 0.03
CCSD_RK1080 (1,080)EclogiteWhole rock4.54.30.420.630.15
CCSD_RK1179 (1,179)GneissWhole rock1.
CCSD_RK1930 (1,930)EclogiteWhole rock3.
CCSD_RK2026 (2,026)AmphiboliteWhole rock3.86.50.341.400.09
  • a CCSD_RK529 is an eclogite sample containing pyrite, rutile, garnet, pyroxene, and ilmenite; CCSD_RK730 is an eclogite sample containing cosite, rutile, garnet, and pyroxene; CCSD_RK1080 is a slightly retrograde eclogite sample containing kyanite, rutile, epidote, and garnet; CCSD_RK1930 is an eclogite sample containing Si-rich white mica; and CCSD_RK2026 is an amphibolite sample containing amphibole. The composition of the whole rock was determined by the wet chemistry method; the composition of individual minerals was determined by electron microprobe analyses. The compositions of the individual minerals are averages for six to eight spot analyses. The totals were 98.91 to 100.09% for the whole rock analyses and 95 to 101% for the individual minerals in CCSD_RK529 but 99 to 101% for the minerals in CCSD_RK730.