Distribution of accessions by environmental habitat

CodeExplanation and assumptionsNo. of accessions% of total
HTPHost associated, terrestrial, plant85216.0
FPRFood, food processing3887.3
HTMHost associated, terrestrial, mammal2865.4
SWMSewage or manure2624.9
MACMarine, coastal2324.3
FRLFreshwater, lake2013.8
INDIndustrial processes or waste1532.9
HSTHot springs, terrestrial1522.8
HMAHost associated, marine, animal1392.6
HTIHost associated, terrestrial, insect1322.5
ASMAqueous sediment, marine1142.1
SALSaltern, salt lake, or salt flat1092.0
ASFAqueous sediment, freshwater1082.0
WATWater, nondrinking911.7
FRRFreshwater, river691.3
HFFHost associated, freshwater, fish661.2
COMCompost, including silage and all composted material511.0
HTAHost associated, terrestrial, animal500.9
HTBHost associated, terrestrial, bird490.9
ESTEstuary or estuarine sediment460.9
HSMHot springs, marine440.8
HFPHost associated, freshwater, plant350.7
HMPHost associated, marine, plant340.6
MMBMicrobial mat or biofilm310.6
SOIcSoil, contaminated310.6
HAFHost associated, fungus300.6
AIRAir, airborne270.5
MMMMan-made materials220.4
ASMcAqueous sediment, marine, contaminated170.3
ASFcAqueous sediment, freshwater, contaminated140.3
MOOMarine, open ocean80.1
FRLcFreshwater, lake, contaminated50.1
FRRcFreshwater, river, contaminated50.1
ESTcEstuary or estuarine sediment, contaminated30.1
MACcMarine, coastal, contaminated10.02