Summary of 16S rRNA gene sequences from SEH and IH Archaea clone libraries

Phylogenetic groupCloneNearest relative% SimilarityNo. of related clones
ANME-1GoM IDA-09GoM GC234 610A9914140
GoM IDA-18GoM GC234 610A99110
GoM IDA-12GoM GC234 614R99110
GoM HDA-28GoM GC234 609R99909
GoM HDA-20GoM GC234 610A99202
GoM IDA-34GoM GC234 609R9924231
GoM HDA-12GoM GC234 609R99725
ANME-2CGoM HDA-27GoM GC234 622R99808
GoM HDA-04GoM GC234 622R99505
ANME-2DGoM HDA-11GoM GC234 606R99202
Methanosarcinales GoM IDA-02GoM GC234 033R99110
GoM HDA-41GoM GC234 033R99716
Methanomicrobiales GoM IDA-49GoM GC234 026R99110
GoM IDA-43GoM GC234 026R99110
GoM HDA-06GoM GC234 026R99615
GoM HDA-43GoM GC234 633A99312
GoM HDA-01GB clone CS R00298211
Thermoplasmatales GoM HDA-13ER clone TA1f299101
Crenarchaeota GoM HDA-18SO clone CHKA2.1496202
Unclassified EuryarchaeotaGoM HDA-25LL clone GA1083321