L. helveticus CNRZ32 genes encoding known or putative endopeptidases

GeneGenBank accession no.Known (reference) or predicted product
pepE AAB52540 Thiol-dependent endopeptidase (16)
pepE2 AY365130 PepE paralog, 52% identical to CNRZ32 endopeptidase PepE (16)
pepF AY365129 PepF ortholog, 46% identical to L. lactis endopeptidase PepF
pepO AF019410 Endopeptidase O ortholog (6)
pepO2 AF321529 Post-prolyl endopeptidase (5)
pepO3 AY355128 PepO/PepO2 paralog, 62% identical to CNRZ32 endopeptidases PepO and PepO2
gcp Gcp ortholog, 63% identical to predicted O-sialoglycoprotein endopeptidase Gcp from L. plantarum
ydiC Glycoprotein endopeptidase ortholog, 37% identical to predicted glycoprotein endopeptidase from L. plantarum