Anion, TOC, and 13C isotope compositions of the rocks and drilling fluidsa

Sample (depth [m])Rock typeF (μg/g)Cl (μg/g)NO3 (μg/g)SO4 (μg/g)TOC (%)TOC δ13C (‰)
CCSD_RK529 (529)Eclogite11186,1181260.003−25.6
CCSD_RK730 (730)Eclogite121715,8581,158
CCSD_RK1080 (1,080)Eclogite8139,173730.003−24.9
CCSD_RK1179 (1,179)Gneiss864,2371220.025−25.7
CCSD_RK1930 (1,930)Eclogite6133,264140−26.2
CCSD_RK2026 (2,026)Amphibolite5109,629450.02−25.4
CCSD_DF730 (730)65020258
CCSD_DF1080 (1,080)6400251611.07−26.6
CCSD_DF1930 (1,930)41870113
CCSD_DF2030 (2,030)416672264.68−28.6
  • a CCSD_DF730, CCSD_DF1080, CCSD_DF1930, and CCSD_DF2030 are the drilling fluid samples from depths corresponding to the depths of rock core samples CCSD_RK730, CCSD_RK1080, CCSD_RK1930, and CCSD_RK2026, respectively.