Summary of 16S crDNA sequences from SEH and IH Bacteria clone libraries

Phylogenetic groupCloneNearest relative% SimilarityNo. of related clones
δ-ProteobacteriaGoM IRB-16SC clone NS-0188880
GoM IRB-08ER isolate Eel-36e1H691220
GoM IRB-03DV clone 33-PA95B9896110
GoM IRB-18SS clone Sva008192110
GoM HRB-23GoM clone AT425 EubF589202
GoM HRB-18CM clone Hyd89-5298101
GoM HRB-32CM clone Hyd89-5298101
GoM HRB-21GoM clone AT425 EubF589101
GoM HRB-03MC clone UASE TL1292101
GoM HRB-05CM clone Hyd89-6391101
GoM HRB-49SC clone NS-0188101
GoM IRB-06GoM clone AT425 EubF5891284
GoM HRB-10ER isolate Eel-36e1H6921239
GoM IRB-21 Desulfobacter postgatei DSM 2034941055
GoM IRB-11CM clone Hyd89-5299844
GoM IRB-27ER clone Eel-BE1B391633
GoM IRB-17 Desulfobacter postgatei DSM 203494633
GoM IRB-10GoM clone AT425 EubF589532
GoM HRB-16AC clone SJA-6389413
GoM HRB-02GB clone B01R01196211
Chloroflexi GoM IRB-02HI clone LAS-B16N93110
GoM IRB-04GB clone a2b04694110
GoM HRB-19GB clone a2b04695101
GoM HRB-30GoM GC185 546E98101
GoM HRB-12YS clone OPB1191211
Spirochaetales GoM IRB-39 Spirocaeta sp. strain BHI80-15885110
Firmicutes GoM IRB-26 Syntrophospora bryantii 90110
Hydrocarbon-associated bacteriaGoM HRB-39HS clone GCA02599101
Unclassified Bacteria group 1GoM HRB-14RS clone LBS2188101
Unclassified Bacteria group 2GoM HRB-07MS clone ca3989202