Summary of 16S rRNA gene sequences from SEH and IH Bacteria clone libraries

Phylogenetic groupCloneNearest relative% SimilarityNo. of related clones
δ-ProteobacteriaGoM IDB-15HS clone GCA01795440
GoM IDB-01CM clone Hyd89-5298110
GoM IDB-43GoM clone AT425 EubF591110
GoM IDB-21WW clone SR FBR E8689110
GoM IDB-33GoM GC234 610E97110
GoM HDB-20HS clone GCA01799303
GoM HDB-32GoM clone AT425 EubF593202
GoM HDB-06MB clone NaphS292202
GoM HDB-12CM clone Hyd89-5298101
GoM IDB-47FW clone FW11790211
ε-ProteobacteriaGoM HDB-15GoM GC185 036E96101
GoM HDB-02GB clone C1 B011981147
Chloroflexi GoM IDB-24GB clone C1 B00497220
GoM IDB-09HV clone P. palm A1185110
GoM IDB-50TS clone OlaA290110
GoM IDB-35MC clone Eub 687110
GoM HDB-07GoM GC185 546E99303
GoM HDB-03HS clone GCA11294202
GoM HDB-37DSS clone t0.6.f90101
GoM HDB-23WW clone CARB ER2.589101
GoM HDB-31GoM GC185 546E99101
Firmicutes GoM IDB-40GoM GC234 604E96110
GoM IDB-10GoM GC234 604E95110
GoM IDB-30GoM GC234 604E95110
GoM HDB-46GoM GC234 604E95101
GoM HDB-18GoM GC234 604E88101
GoM HDB-21GoM GC234 604E97725
GoM IDB-03 Clostridium sp.87211
Verrucomicrobiales GoM HDB-19RC isolate DSM 4418089101
GoM HDB-48 Verrucomicrobia clone LD1-PA2686101
Actinomycetales GoM HDB-08SO clone OHKB 16.8594101
Spirochaetales GoM IDB-04TCE clone ccslm212683110
Hydrocarbon-associated bacteriaGoM IDB-08HS clone GCA01898330
GoM HDB-09GoM GC185 546E99101
GoM HDB-04HS clone GCA025991358
Unclassified Bacteria group 1GoM HDB-22CM clone Hyd24-1295101
Unclassified Bacteria group 2GoM IDB-27RP clone P2D694110