SIMO transcript identities and assigned role categories (August 2003 sample) as determined by the TIGR Annotation Engine

Main role and subrole(s)No.%a
Amino acid biosynthesis62.5
Biosynthesis of cofactors10.4
Cell envelope10.4
Cellular processes135.5
    Chemotaxis and motility1
    DNA transformation2
    Toxin production and resistance2
Central intermediary metabolism4418.5
DNA metabolism52.1
    Replication, recombination, repair5
Energy metabolism104.2
    Amino acids and amines3
    ATP proton motive force1
    Electron transport1
    Pentose phosphate pathway1
    Tricarboxylic acid cycle1
Protein fates31.3
    Degradation of proteins, peptides, and glycopeptides1
    Protein and peptide secretion2
Protein synthesis125.0
    Ribosomal proteins10
    Translation factors1
    tRNA aminoacylation1
Regulatory functions104.2
Transport and binding proteins93.8
    Amino acids, peptides, amines2
    Carbohydrates, alcohols, and organic acids2
Unknown functions20.8
Conserved hypothetical proteinsc104.2
Hypothetical proteins8435.3
Total no. of clones282
  • a Calculation of percent representation in the library does not include the 44 rRNA sequences.

  • b Unclassified proteins have a known function but have not been assigned to a role category.

  • c Conserved hypothetical proteins have homologs in other organisms, but none of the homologs have known functions.