Strains and plasmids used in this work

Strain or plasmidDescriptionSource or reference
    JG274S. oneidensis MR-1; wild type1
    JG3275JG274 ΔficI (SO_3966)This work
    JG3574JG274 ΔfeoB (SO_1784)This work
    JG168JG274 with empty pBBR1MCS-231
    JG3376JG3275 with empty pBBR1MCS-2This work
    JG3379JG3275 with pBBR1MCS-2::ficIThis work
    JG3373JG274 with pBBR1MCS-2::SO_1145This work
    JG3374JG274 with pBBR1MCS-2::SO_1565This work
    JG3375JG274 with pBBR1MCS-2::ficIThis work
    UQ950E. coli DH5α λ(pir) cloning host; F Δ(argF-lac)169 ϕ80dlacZ58(ΔM15) glnV44(AS) rfbD1 gyrA96(NalR) recA1 endA1 spoT1 thi-1 hsdR17 deoR λpir+5
    WM3064E. coli conjugation strain; thrB1004 pro thi rpsL hsdS lacZΔM15 RP4-1360 Δ(araBAD)567 ΔdapA1341::[erm pir(wt)]5
    pSMV3Deletion vector; Kmr sacB47
    pBBR1MCS-2Broad-range cloning vector; Kmr48
    pBBR1MCS-2::SO_1145SO_1145, 11 bp upstream, 54 bp downstream; KmrThis work
    pBBR1MCS-2::SO_1565SO_1565, 18 bp upstream, 15 bp downstream; KmrThis work
    pBBR1MCS-2::ficIficI, 39 bp upstream, 24 bp downstream; KmrThis work