MC concentration and variants, PCR results, abundance of potential MC-producing cyanobacterial cells, and trophic status at stations analyzed for genotype composition by mcyA sequencinga

Yr and siteMC-LReq concn (μg/liter)bMC variant ratio (%)PCR results for CYA/MIC% abundance of potential MC-producing cyanobacterial cellsc of indicated genusCarlson's trophic status index for:Trophic status
MicrocystisAnabaenaAphanizomenonChl-aTotal P
    Irondequoit Bay0.015LR (50)/RR (25)/LY (25)+/+
    Port Bay East0.007RR (51)/LR (49)+/+0.030.969.14058Meso
    Little Sodus Bay, bayside0.004LR (80)/LA (20)+/+
    Little Sodus Bay, lakeside0.060LR (81)/YR (13)/RR (6)+/+
    Salmon River0.004LR (100)+/+
    Nine Mile0.013LR (100)+/+
    Selkirk Shores0.015LR (100)+/+
    Long Point Isthmus0.004ND+/+
    Chaumont Bay0.040LR (100)+/+
    Little Sodus Bay, bayside0.003ND+/−18.571.210.33658Meso
    Chaumont Bay0.047LR (72)/LA (28)+/+
    Selkirk Shores1.043LR (78)/RR (22)+/+
    Oswego Shore0.769LR (72)/RR (28)+/+
    Oswego River0.239LR (100)+/+
  • a Samples listed in bold have the novel mcyA insert. ND, not detected; Chl-a, chlorophyll a; eu, eutrophic; meso, mesotrophic; oligo, oligotrophic.

  • b MC concentration from the sample cloned.

  • c No Planktothrix cells were observed.